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Is Tom Cruise To Buy George Clooney's Italian Property?

Is Tom Cruise To Buy George Clooney's Italian Property?

Is Tom Cruise To Buy George Clooney's Italian Property?

By: Nick Marr -  Category: Italy - Added: 2012-08-11

Newly single Hollywood star Tom Cruise is reportedly set to buy fellow actor George Clooney’s luxury property in Italy as he seeks to set up home in the Lake Como area.  It is rumoured that Clooney – star of The Descendents and Ocean’s Eleven – is set to move to the south of Italy and is close to striking a deal with Cruise for his luxury overseas property.

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Clooney trying to persuade Cruise to buy Lake Como mansion

Cruise, star of the Mission Impossible films and most recently seen in the musical Rock of Ages, is said to be interested in purchasing Clooney’s gorgeous waterfront property on Lake Como.  Clooney is reportedly considering a move to the south of the country.

According to Italian newspaper Giornale dell'Umbria, the two Hollywood stars are trying to strike up a deal for the valuable Villa Oleandra.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that ‘it has been rumoured that newly single Tom was initially interested in snapping up the grand medieval Castle of Lions in Deruta, Italy.  However, according to reports, George has been trying to convince the Rock of Ages star to buy his property instead.’

Clooney is said to be considering a move to the province of Salerno is the south of Italy.  The Up in the Air and Ides of March star is apparently interested in the Arechi castle, a fortress-like home overlooking the sea.

Clooney’s current girlfriend Stacy Keibler is allegedly not keen on the beautiful Lake Como region, where her partner has been holidaying for more than a decade.  The Belfast Telegraph reports that ‘it is believed to be the blonde beauty's second visit to the region’ although Keibler is ‘said to be pushing George towards leaving the area.’

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