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Luxury Homes Now Sell Online

Luxury Homes Now Sell Online

Luxury Homes Now Sell Online

By: Nick Marr -  Category: United States - Added: 2012-06-08

Overseas property portal which has been promoting real estate online for over 8 years reports a marked increase in luxury homes being sold online.  In the last 3 months 67% of homes listed by owner for example are now priced over £400,000.

Selling online increases the audience of potential buyers

In the past, luxury overseas real estate was often marketed by high net worth real estate agents or property companies.  However, increasing numbers of people are seeing the benefits of using a dedicated online luxury homes website.

Nick Marr, director of luxury international property website said: “We have found that luxury international real estate is increasingly being promoted online.  Over two thirds – 67 per cent - of homes listed on in the last 3 months by owners are priced more than £400,000.”

Sign of the times

Home owners and real estate agents are eager to save money and increasingly are finding it harder to find a buyer they see the internet as a valid place to promote even the most expensive of properties. If you own a luxury home, you will often find that you have a relatively small pool of buyers.  So, it’s vitally important that you maximise the number of potential buyers who will see your property.

Luxury International Homes

A quick search on reveals a £5 million waterfront property in Australia,  a £12 million villa in Barbados and £7 million house in Orlando Florida USA

Approaching a real estate agent may be one way of selling your property, but you should ask the agent exactly how much online exposure you will receive.  Your property should also be marketed on a suitable website which showcases similar luxury homes.

Mr Marr added: “Marketing to an international audience through a website such as is a must for any seller of a luxury overseas home.  This is because you will reach millions of overseas buyers who may be in a better position to buy than local purchasers.

Luxury Homes trend in London UK

Meanwhile Bloomberg report that Luxury home prices in central London rose the least in nine months in May, after the British government increased a tax on purchases of 2 million pounds ($3.1 million) or more, Knight Frank LLP said.


Find buy or sell luxury homes at

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