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Why Brits Rush To Sell Homes Overseas

Why Brits Rush To Sell Homes Overseas

Why Brits Rush To Sell Homes Overseas

By: Nick Marr -  Category: Spain - Added: 2012-05-30

The Global Financial Crisis and in particular the Euro crisis has meant a rush to sell some holiday homes and second homes abroad.  Overseas property portal report a 30% increase in homeowners listing properties for sale in April 2012. The bulk of these homes come from Portugal Spain and not surprisingly Greece.

Nick Marr director “ Owners have not fallen out of love with their homes abroad , the rush to sell it seems is all about confidence and fear of the unknown. People don’t want to take the risk that their property may drop in significant value. The positive to this is that we have properties being offered for sale at a fraction of the valuations , it’s a strong buyers market.”

James Price, head of international residential development at Knight Frank, said that many Britons had previously seen European properties as attractive short-term investments for their rental incomes. That has now changed.

HIFX  research shows that 39 per cent of Britons are looking to sell up in Greece, 34 per cent in Spain and 23 per cent in Portugal.

Cheap property in Spain

The exchange rates and low demand has meant some real bargains in Spain ideal for those seeking to retire abroad and not seeking a high return investment. Lifestyle buyers are now spoilt for choice and are firmly in the driving seat when it comes negotiations.

Selling a Property Abroad recently introduced a new marketing network for agents, developers and individuals. Listings appear on a number of websites including The Move Channel, A Place in the Sun, Move Worldwide and Zoopla Overseas.

Developers and agents

As well as providing a global marketing platform for individual sellers, we also offer developers and agents the chance to market their properties through us.  We’ve teamed up with Lead Galaxy – the industry leaders in advertising overseas property for sale – in order that your properties will be advertised on a range of leading websites with combined visits of over 6 million per year.

Nick Marr, director of Homes Go Fast, said: “With our new network those agents and owners who remain with old favourites such as Rightmove Overseas should re-examine the breadth of the exposure a single website can give.

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